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Dillon Francis was loved by so many and will be missed by his family and friends.  Dillon’s passions were music and sports. He was a strong athlete, a baseball player and a phenomenal football player during his high school years.  Dillon was always there to give out a great big hug to anyone who was in need. Things that were sure to bring a smile to his face were Beevis and Butthead, the outrageous situations he found himself in with his friends, and the horseplay with family.

Dillon had a huge heart for others.  He was the protector of the smallest, the weakest and those without a voice. He had very strong beliefs that every single person was just as important as the next. He believed in fair treatment and struggled with the selfishness and cruelty in this world.   He will be most remembered for his out-spoken personality and his ability to express his honest opinion to anybody. He was not intimidated by anyone. He had a deep love for his family and his personal relationship with God. He loved animals and fed strays as well as doctored any injuries. He would do anything for anybody. All you had to do was ask.

He will also be remembered for his humor. He said the damndest things and always offered his sarcastic but honest opinion. He had no problem saying what others were merely thinking.

Some of the many highlights of Dillon’s life included the early success he found in sports and the time he spent with family and friends being goofy and making others laugh. Dillon was the biggest Oklahoma University fan in the great state of Texas and loved to engage in friendly bashing of the Texas Longhorns. This weekend, as Dillon is laid to rest, Texas and OU will meet up for the Red River Rivalry, an annual meeting of these two powerhouse college teams. One can't help but feel some divine connection between such two significant events.

Dillon had many uncles and cousins and though there was never enough time spent together, it is these memories he held closest to his heart.  His grandmother and aunt would agree how funny these moments were and will fondly remember them as well.  The closest relationship he had, as with most boys, was with his mother, or as his closest friend’s nicknamed her, Meat’s Mom.  Dillon would protect her with his very life and do anything for her. In her heart, she feels certain that his grandfather, Lee Cooper, was there to meet him on that fateful day in heaven just as he was the one that welcomed him into this world. Dillon often spoke to his grandpa and felt his love and guidance throughout his time on this earth.  

The blog on this page will be revised as needed to keep friends and family updated as events unfold.

Already, there has been an outpouring of support for the family. In order to help them manage this support, they have asked that monetary donations be made in lieu of flowers at the link below to assist with the cost of the funeral.  They have set a goal of $1,200 to cover funeral costs.  Any donation amount can be made using the button found on this page.

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