John Herney


Donate Below to Assist with the Funeral Expenses


Funeral Donation Goal: $2,000

As of 8/8 at 10:00 am

Total Raised - $0.00

John will be most remembered lovingly by his family and friends for his great personality and words of encouragement to all.  He was a funny and respectful man who could show his temper at times.

John loved playing dominoes and could lovingly be referred to as a 'Domino Beast'.

John's grandchildren were the highlight of his life.  He loved to be surrounded by his family as they brought him joy and laughter.  

After John's passing, so many of you supported the family through such a difficult time.  At this time, the family has asked for monetary donations to be made to assist the family with the costs of the funeral.  They have set a goal for $2,000.  Any donation amount can be made using the donation button under his picture on this page. 


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