Things to Consider

Even if you decide not use our free services, we still want to help. Here is a list of things to consider that you are likely to face in the next few days:

  • Once you leave the hospital you may not see your loved one’s body again until the visitation.
  • Prepare for a call from the Medical Examiner/Coroner’s office very soon after the death of your loved one to discuss transportation plans for the your loved one.
  • Organs must be harvested immediately and some tissue within 24 hours; you will be asked to answer many medical history questions.  We have a link to a resource that can help to answer your questions.
  • Depending on the circumstances, there may be a police investigation.
  • You will need a system to alert family, friends, work, and school, if applicable.  Please see our social media tips to help guide you through your communications.
  • Consider allowing a Carson’s Village Advocate to assist you with creating a private webpage to provide one convenient spot where family and friends can sign up to bring food, donate money to the family and to get up to date information on what the family needs, locations/times of events and any last minute changes.
  • The funeral home meeting can take up to three hours.  Eat ahead of time. View our funeral meeting preparation form to assist you with planning the funeral home visit once you have chosen a funeral home.
  • Many decisions will have to be made at the funeral home that can be time sensitive.
  • You will need to write an obituary and we have an obituary guide that can assist you. 
  • Your family and friends may want to donate on behalf of your loved one or to relieve funeral expenses.   Consider setting up a free site through Carson's Village to help coordinate the donations.
  • Be aware of all of your choices to raise money to ensure you have the most cost effective way to raise money  (A popular site charges an 8% withdrawal fee).
  • There will be many people who will want to help you and your family so be prepare to say "Yes" and allow them to help.
  • Ask for our assistance to help track donations and gifts so that you can write thank you notes at a later date.
  • Do you have  and your dependents have clean clothes to wear to the funeral/services?
  •  Did your deceased loved one have insurance? A will? It would be nice to link to info on both.
  • Do you need to take time off work? Do you need to consider vacation, bereavement or FMLA?
  • People are going to ask you what you need. Among your needs might be:
    • Asking people to clean out the deceased person’s room/personal belongings
    •  Asking people to cancel appointments for the deceased.
    •  Asking people to help clean the house or mow the lawn

We hope that these few items will help you better navigate the process that you have before you.