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Body Donation – DFW

Consider donating your loved one’s body to research. This ultimate gift will allow them to continue important scientific research that can assist professionals in the field in crime scene and criminal investigation. Each person who participates contributes substantially to the education of future doctors and to medical research.

Learn more about this process at:

UT Southwestern:

UT Southwestern Medical Center
Willed Body Program
P.O. Box 35227
Dallas, TX 75235-0227

Next of kin should call 214-648-2221 (option #1)

The body will not be accepted:

  1. If the body has been embalmed
  2. Cases of a contagious disease such as virulent herpes, hepatitis, HIV, tuberculosis, or some cases of senile dementia
  3. Cases of severe obesity, emaciation, body contracture, or jaundice
  4. Height/weight is not proportional
  5. If they do not accept the body, then they will dispose of the body but not give back the ashes.

The body will be cremated when UT Southwestern has concluded with the body.

  1. The cremated remains may be returned to the next of kin if the request has been made in advance. Your next of kin will be notified by letter of the following options:
    1. Receive the ashes by certified mail
    2. Make an appointment to receive the ashes in person
    3. Burial at sea – the ashes will be scattered at sea
  2. Remains are usually returned within 18 to 24 months.

Texas A&M University College of Dentistry in Dallas

3302 Gaston Avenue, Lab 14, Dallas, TX  75246


  1. Transportation of the body:
    1. TAMU College of Dentistry is obligated to pay only standard fees for the embalming and transportation of my family member’s body a distance of 250 miles or less from the institution. If his/her death should occur at a greater distance from the institution, you must make the necessary transportation and payment arrangements or locate a closer institution approved by the Anatomical Board where the body can be delivered.
  2. Body may not be acceptable if:
    1. If he/she has a contagious disease,
    2. If the body is damaged by violence at death,
    3. If an autopsy is performed, if he/she commits suicide,
    4. If the body is embalmed,
    5. If organs or parts are removed for transplantation or otherwise,
    6. If the body weight is over the acceptable limit
  3. Cremation can occur up to 2 years after the body has been donated. Prior to donation, family members can request for the return of the ashes.

Parker University:

Parker University Anatomical Gift Program
2540 Walnut Hill Lane #N108
Dallas, TX 75229-5668

  1. The Anatomical Gift Program is available by phone 24 hours a day: 214-902-3473
  2. Forms are available on the website.
  3. They will not dispose of the body if it is not accepted. Survivors must make alternative arrangements, and the Parker University of Anatomical Gift Program is not responsible for any costs associated with other arrangements.
  4. All bodies are cremated upon completion of studies. If the request is made in advance, the cremated remains will be returned to the next of kin. This usually occurs within 14 to 24 months of donation.

UNT Health Science Center Willed Body Program – Fort Worth

The Willed Body Program
Center for Anatomical Sciences
UNT Health Science Center
3500 Camp Bowie Blvd.
Fort Worth, Texas  76107

  1. If the death is outside Dallas or Tarrant County, the estate would need to pay for transportation to the health science center. Also, the family will need to pay for certified copies of death certificates.
  2. Body is not accepted if:
    1. It had a contagious disease such as hepatitis, tuberculosis or HIV, then the medical school couldn’t use your donation. They cannot accept donations that are the result of suicide or have suffered severe trauma, such as an automobile accident or a gunshot wound. Also, they cannot accept your donation if an autopsy has been performed. They reserve the right to decline any donation.
  3. The body will be cremated, and if the family requests it in advance, the remains will be returned to the family.

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