Losing a child is never easy. Soon after their son moved to Texas, the Smith family received the unexpected news of their son’s death. Upon hearing of his sudden passing, the Smith family had to travel cross-country to a state where they didn’t know a soul. On their drive to Texas, a Carson’s Village Advocate was able to call and walk them through what steps needed to be taken once they arrived. Because they were prepped by the Advocate on the decisions they would need to make at the funeral home, the unknown was removed from the process. When they arrived, they were able to immediately head to the funeral home and make the decisions they had already discussed as a family because of the help of their Advocate. According to the family, the Carson’s Village Advocate “kept us together when we weren’t feeling very together.  He kept us focused and let us know exactly what was available to us. When we got to Texas, we would have been on the phone calling dozens of funeral homes that we knew nothing about.”  Our Advocate “did it all. He called us back with locations, packages and prices.”

Rodriguez Family

Trying to navigate a system in another language is stressful and taxing. It becomes even more trying when processing the loss of a child. The Rodriguez family lost their young child unexpectedly and was referred to Carson’s Village by a school counselor. Carson’s Village was able to provide a Spanish-speaking Advocate to walk them through all that needed to happen that first week. A family page was set up in both Spanish and English and included a picture of their daughter and the story of her life so far. This page was used to help the family raise money to cover the cost of the funeral. In addition, the page was also a way for the Rodriguez family to communicate the events of the week, so their family and friends could support them during their grieving process. Carson’s Village made a difference: “The family page was great, and it expressed what I could not say.”

  • Gathering the funds to help pay for part of our son’s funeral was absolutely invaluable. I could not be more thankful for the assistance Carson’s Village provided.

    Dale H.
  • Our advocate asked all the right questions to help me get my thoughts out of my head.

    Damian L.
  • They helped me think and get organized; in those moments you just can’t think clearly.

    Angie R.
  • I started with not knowing what to do to having everything be done for me.

    Shonelle H.
  • You guys were wonderful – calling the funeral and doing the footwork for the pricing. You gave us a sense of stability.

    Wanda H.

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