If you have never experienced the sudden loss of a loved one, you can’t prepare yourself for how many practical details there are to manage. Making burial arrangements, hosting family and friends, planning and coordinating funeral services as well as tracking gifts such as meals, flowers, and monetary donations are just a few of the tasks you’ll be expected to focus on in the days following your loss. Carson’s Village can provide a wide range of free support services to help your family navigate this difficult time.

Let Carson’s Village help you to organize your village. The service is completely free. Let us connect you or a designated family member with one of our Advocates to discuss what we can do to help your family get from the passing of your loved one to the funeral.

Contact us as soon as possible so that we are able to help you avoid the many common pitfalls that come with an unexpected loss.

-The Carson’s Village Family

  • They helped me think and get organized; in those moments, you just can’t think clearly.

    Angie R.
  • The Family Website helped me to get out the information I needed to the most people.

    Shane T.
  • The family page was great, and it expressed what I could not say.

    The Rodriguez Family
  • The family page was great and it expressed what I could not say.

    Jessie F.
  • This process is hard to navigate. The Advocate was there to provide guidance; all the steps were there to make it easier.

    Robert P.
  • Carson’s Village went above and beyond what was needed.

    Tedra O.

Let Us Create A Family Web Page To Help.

Our detailed family pages include:

  • Picture of the loved one
  • Profile of the loved one from the family
  • Donation button to help with fundraising (No overhead fee; small Paypal processing fee)
  • Link to a personalized signup genius page to help coordinate volunteers and donations
  • Blog that allows both the family and friends to post messages
  • Communications from the family on visitation, funeral and reception information (as appropriate)

Would you like to see a timeline of what to expect?

Family Web Pages

Our family pages allow you to communicate with family and friends, accept donations, and share details about events surrounding funeral services. 

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Family Support

Curious about the different ways that we can offer support to the family? Click here to learn how Carson’s Village can help your family cope with the loss of a loved one. 

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Resource Library

Here you will find information to help in the coming weeks – sample templates, guides, resources, list of triggers, what to know about the funeral home visit and more.

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