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Carson’s Village Newsletter – January 2019

Here’s what one of our families is saying about Carson’s Village: “Gathering the funds to help pay for part of our son’s funeral was absolutely invaluable. I could not be more thankful for the assistance Carson’s Village provided.” – Dale H. Carson’s Village has now helped 96 families! Through The Meadows Foundation, we have been given...
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Carson’s Village Newsletter – November 2018

We have helped 76 families so far this year! New Website We rolled out a brand new website this month! Carson’s Village has come a long way since it first began, and this new website will allow us to continue to grow and better support families. You can check it out at We also released a new...
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Carson’s Village Newsletter – October 2018

October Spotlight We want to thank our ‘Villagers’ for of their support.  Because of you, we were able to help 17 families this month!  That is nearly triple our monthly average.  The word is starting to get out about Carson’s Village. We are continuing to develop and strengthen our partnerships to spread the word about Carson’s Village. This month we gave...
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Carson’s Village Newsletter – September 2018

  We had a great time at the Camp Gladiator Kickball Tournament benefiting Carson’s Village.  Four teams battled it out in the rain for the title of kickball champion, and the Pinkerton/West team came out on top. This rain-soaked crew raised more than $1200. Thank you to everyone who came out to play or cheer on the...
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Carson’s Village Newsletter – August 2018

Since its creation, Carson’s Village has served 47 families.  With your help, Carson’s Village can continue to grow and support even more families across the country. Becoming a volunteer, or Villager, does not have to be a huge time commitment. There are many different ways you can get involved with Carson’s Village. Current volunteer opportunities...
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Carson’s Village Newsletter – July 2018

JULY SPOTLIGHT We supported our first Spanish-speaking family. Thanks to our wonderful Advocate, Christie, we were able to set up a family page in both Spanish and English to help the family raise money to cover the funeral costs and to communicate the events of the week to their family and friends. NEW THIS MONTH Carson’s...
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Carson’s Village Newsletter – June 2018

Hi Villagers! Everyone with Carson’s Village worked extremely hard through the first half of the year to support 35 families and so many more through our online resources as we work to build a legacy to honor Carson’s memory.  As we move forward, we continue to have a solid plan in place to finish the year...
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Carson’s Village Newsletter – May 2018

Villagers – As always, it would be wrong of us to start out by not thanking each and every one of you. Without our Village and all of your love and support, there is no way we could do what we do and positively impact the lives of so many people. All of your Facebook...
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Carson’s Village Newsletter – April 2018

Dear Friends – Wow, April has been a busy month for everyone here at Carson’s Village and again we want to start this month’s newsletter with a great big THANK YOU! We are overwhelmed by all your support, generosity and incredibly kind gestures. It is humbling. Please keep liking and sharing any post you see...
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Carson’s Village Newsletter – March 2018

Dear Friends of Carson’s Village – We want to start out our newsletter this month by saying Thank You for every like, share and most importantly, your donations. We are so blessed to have been embraced and supported by an incredible group of people. We are working hard to make sure we represent Carson’s Village along with...
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Carson’s Village Newsletter – February 2018

Dear Friends of Carson’s Village – We had another busy month full of accomplishments that we are excited to share with you. Referrals – Once again, we were able to assist families that call in to ask for help. This month saw the addition of referrals coming from the Texas 2-1-1 system.  This is a...
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Carson’s Village Newsletter – January 2018

Dear Friends of Carson’s Village – We want to thank everyone for your donations, Facebook shares, and constant support of our family and our new mission. We are honored to do this work and it is very meaningful to honor Carson’s life in this way. This is the first release of a periodic newsletter that...
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