Family Services Advocate – Frequently Asked Questions

What does an advocate do when they assist families?

Our Advocates help families navigate the complicated decisions they face after the sudden death of a loved one.  We are there to help them make sound financial and family decisions that need to be made during one of the most stressful times of their life.  While we provide assistance with identifying a funeral home and methods to pay for it, we are there to provide emotional support and guidance throughout that process as well as connect people to resources at  We are hiring a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) for this position so that they can use their skills to identify if any mental health issues need to be addressed before they can manifest into something bigger down the road.

Does Carson’s Village pay for funerals?

Unfortunately, Carson’s Village does not pay for family funerals.  Instead we work with families to identify the best way to pay for the most economical funeral that still meets the family’s needs.  Revenue sources typically include individual donations, churches, schools and state programs. Carson’s Village can set up a fundraising site that the family can distribute to their network to help with funeral costs.

How will I be connected to a family?

Families either call the helpline or fill out a form on the website. Those are then forwarded to Jason for distribution to our Advocates.

How often will I be asked to help a family?

The number of calls varies. Currently Carson’s Village is receiving about 15 calls per month, but this number is expected to increase. 

Do I have to respond after hours?

You are encouraged to email or text the family if they reach out after hours but calls can be made first thing the next day.

Will I be counseling these families?

Carson’s Village is not a counseling organization. However, you will be looking for signs of distress or mental health concerns of the caller and/or the family impacted by the sudden death and then referring them to appropriate services.

Can I offer to counsel them if they ask or the need arises?

While our Advocates do form bonds with our families and informally offer them advice, we do not offer counseling services.  You will be asked to sign an agreement that you will not solicit our families for paid counseling services.

How much time is spent with each family?

This depends on the nature of the request.  Typically, families ask for help finding a funeral home and then paying for it.  All of our other resources fall into place around those main requests.  Some families just call for money.  We try to spend 15 or 20 minutes with them giving them ideas for raising money or cost saving tips.  Other families are desperate for help and we can spend 2 or 3 hours with them over the course of several weeks. 

How many families would I be asked to handle at once?

This depends on our call volume and the number of Advocates that we have on staff. 

Do I have to document my interactions with the family?

Yes, we will be using a CRM system and all interactions will need to be documented as part of this job.

Will I be allowed to adjust the process if needed?

Every family will be different and will need different levels of support. For major process changes, you will need to discuss them with Jason to implement them across the organization.

Will I receive training?

All new employees receive comprehensive training and have access to Jason Dyke, Founder of Carson’s Village, for questions at any time.

Where will I office?

This position can office from home or from the Wilson District office of Carson’s Village as appropriate.


How much will I be paid?

The pay will be commensurate with experience.

Is this a full-time, part-time or contract position?

This is a part-time, contract position. 

How many hours will I work a week?

Hours will vary depending on the number of calls per week to the Carson’s Village helpline. Since we are a young organization and the number of calls is still inconsistent, there could be opportunities to supplement your income with projects that help us document our operational tasks.

Will Carson’s Village reimburse me for cell phone usage?

Carson’s Village will reimburse Advocates a flat fee of $35 per month for them to use their personal cell phone.  In addition, the Advocates will be provided an app that gives them a different phone number to use for Carson’s Village business.

Will I get vacation or sick time? If not, how do I ensure phone coverage if I am not available?

Carson’s Village does not have paid vacation or sick time.  If you will not be available for a period of time then you will not be assigned any families.  If you are already assigned a family, then other Advocates will help cover for you while you are not available.

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