How to connect someone with carson's village


If you know someone who has recently and unexpectedly lost a loved one, consider referring them to Carson’s Village for free assistance with funeral or memorial service planning, organizing communications, and more.

In most cases, people who unexpectedly lose a loved one are completely unprepared for the dozens of difficult decisions and events they'll face in the hours, days, and weeks that follow.

While struggling to deal with the sudden onslaught of emotions that come with an unexpected loss—shock, anger, hurt, guilt, sadness—families are still called upon to make decisions about notifications, funeral planning, obituary writing, burial, organ donation, insurance policies, and more.  Decisions have to be made, even when one has no idea what to do next, when to do it, or how to do it. It’s an unbelievably challenging situation, even for “strong” people, which is why it makes a world of difference when a family can turn to someone who’s “been there” for guidance and support.

Enter Carson’s Village

This is where Carson’s Village comes in. If you know someone who needs help, consider connecting them with Carson's Village. Some of the free services we offer include:

·       A general overview/timeline of what to expect (based on the experiences of people who have also experienced a sudden loss).

·       Suggestions on how to handle notification of family and friends.

·       Guidance with funeral home and funeral services selection.

·       Advice and ideas regarding funeral or memorial service planning.

How to Make a Referral:

If you find yourself hesitating before reaching out to a grieving friend, family member, or co-worker, you are certainly not alone. Often the fear of saying or doing the wrong thing or being too intrusive will stop people from offering a good idea, even though they really want to help.

While we can’t speak for everyone, we can say that when we found ourselves reeling from the sudden loss of our son, the support of our friends—and their referrals to helpful resources—meant the world to us. Based on that experience, our advice is this: Reach out. If you know someone who might benefit from our services, get in touch in whatever way seems most appropriate (phone call, text, email) and let them know about our services. You can direct them to our website, offer to ask a Carson’s Village Advocate to get in touch with your friend or family member, or provide the contact information below:

Carson’s Village Contact Information:


Contact Us page

Once we’re aware that someone is seeking our services, we’ll respond as quickly as possible to find out more about how we might be of assistance.

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