June 2020 Newsletter

June Newsletter

Carson’s Village has helped more than 415 families, including 71 since quarantine started in March. These families, some impacted directly by COVID-19 and some impacted by the social distancing restrictions caused by the coronavirus, have struggled to lovingly recognize the loss of their loved ones. Carson’s Village has been honored to stand alongside these families during this difficult time.
Carson’s Village is honored to have been chosen as an Advisee of Social Venture Partners Dallas. Through SVP Dallas, more than 200 Partners, professionals who want to make a difference, are paired with five nonprofit organizations to help build their capacity to serve their clients long term. After a virtual pitch event in May, Carson’s Village is in the process of being paired with SVP partners who will work with the Carson’s Village team to enhance the organization’s ability to do good in our community. We are honored to have been selected. Check it out here.
Not only was Carson’s Village selected, but we won the Best Pitch Performance for Spark Tank 2020 and as a result, received a grant from the Mary Jalonick Fund at SVP Dallas!
Carson’s Village is the proud recipient of a North Texas Cares grant from Communities Foundation of Texas. This investment of $5,000 allows Carson’s Village to serve families who have lost loved ones from COVID-19, as well as families struggling to honor their lost loved ones during this time of funeral restrictions. Thank you to CFT for believing in our work during this challenging time.
We need your support too! If you’d like to make an investment in Carson’s Village, please visit our website and see how your gift can change a life.
Dallas Doing Good shares how Carson’s Village has connected families to the resources and mental health professionals that can make a positive impact during a tragic experience: read the article here.

Also, check out the Philanthropy 365 Podcast interview with Jason here!

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