About Grief

  • Grief is a natural and normal reaction to a loss of any kind.  It is a journey of experiences and feelings in response to that loss and a process of life adjustment because of that loss.  Grief is not an option, but a necessary mechanism for health and well-being.
  • We experience grief all over.  It has physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological, and social dimensions.  Grief is a very personal journey. The deeper feelings toward the person and relationship we have lost, the deeper the need to grieve.  Grief hurts because of the love which drives it.
  • Grief is a journey that is never fully completed.  We do not “get over” our loss. Hopefully, we recover enough to begin to move forward in life.  Grief and recovery are based on many factors: lifestyle, personal history, past experiences of loss, faith system, and family network.  Grief also involves many feelings such as anger, love, bitterness, regret, relief, doubt, and sometimes guilt.  Grief can include depression, physical and behavioral changes, and variances in interests and lifestyle.
  • Grief is a process of serious actions, reactions, and the making of new pathways to travel while honoring the journey we have taken to this time.  It affects our attitudes and feelings about ourselves, our life situation, those around us, and the ones we have lost. The process of grieving is not a straight line to an expected goal, but a series of steps forward, sideways, backward, and upside down.  There is no timetable. Be very gentle with yourself and others.  And never hesitate to ask for help.


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