Funeral Cost Resources


  • Make sure that life insurance policies intended to cover funeral expenses have not lapsed.
  • If you have made prepayment arrangements, make sure that someone you trust knows the arrangements you have made as well as the name of the funeral home. This will avoid them selecting a different funeral home and paying again.


  • Never sign financial deals with a funeral director or home. These should always be done through credible banking institutions or insurance providers.
  • Don’t commit to spending money you don’t have before getting aid. It could eliminate some otherwise viable opportunities.
  • Never sign a contract with a funeral director or home for ANY kind of service before researching the elements of the contract first.
  • Never sign anything during a period of emotional distress without having either an attorney or someone you trust looking it over for you first.
  • Be wary of up-selling when at the funeral home.

Information derived from:  and   Other helpful sites Funeral Help Program Payment Options: How to Pay for a Funeral or Other Final Arrangements: 4 Ways to Get Help Paying for Funeral Expenses: Funeral and Burial Resources for low-income and uninsured families: Medicaid Does Not Cover Funerals: Burial Assistance Programs:

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