Adapted from What to Do When the Police Leave: A Guide to the First Days of Traumatic Loss 3rd Edition by Bill Jenkins

A memorial is an object that serves a reminder of the memory of a loved one. There are many ideas for memorials. It is suggested to work with other families to develop the memorial in a group effort. Working with a group can lessen the work burden of the memorial, and allows for more resources from other members.

  • Memorial ideas:
    • “survivor tree”
    • Adopt, refurbish, or build a playground
    • Hold an annual holiday remembrance service with candle lighting, poetry reading, special music, or speakers
    • Statue
    • Monument in a cemetery or park
    • Sponsor an annual benefit dinner, event, or tournament and use the proceeds to support local victim services
    • Establish a camp program for grieving children or those with special needs

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