Spanish Language Grief Support Resources

Seeking support after loss can already be a very challenging task, and finding support resources in the language you speak is all the more important. In recent years, more and more services are becoming available for Spanish-speaking communities, particularly in the Southern states. Below are some grief support services offered in Spanish.

*Note: you can view this resource in Spanish by selecting “Spanish” on the Language options in the upper left corner.

Grief Resources:

Dougy Center Spanish Services and Resources

Hospice Foundation Of America – Spanish Language Resources

Grief Support Resource Library – NACG (Filter by “Spanish” topic)

Bo’s Place

Articles on Grief in Spanish

Supporting Your Child (Spanish)

How Children Grieve and How to Support Them (Spanish)

Common Reactions to Loss

Maintaining Expectations Through Loss

Grieving Alone & Together Booklet (Spanish) – Funeral Service Foundation

Support Groups (virtual):

Dougy Center Spanish Grief Group Support

Our House

Willow House

Star Legacy Support Groups (Sign up here)

Care Dimensions

Loma Linda University Health Online Grief Group

Spanish Services The Grief Center

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