Tips on Organizing Your Village

Even if you decide not to use our free services, we would still like to help. Following is a list of some things to consider as you face the first few days after your loss:

  • It important for the family to say “yes” to offers of help. It can be difficult for some to accept help, but remember, by accepting the assistance of your friends, family and neighbors it helps them deal with the loss as well.
  • You will need a system to alert family, friends, work, and school, if applicable, of the loss.
  • Consider asking a Carson’s Village Advocate to assist you with creating a private webpage to provide one convenient spot where family and friends can sign up to bring food, donate money to the family, and to get up to date information on what the family needs, locations/times of events and any last minute changes.
  • Start early with a way to track food donations, time donations (mowing the lawn), special gifts and monetary donations so that you can write thank you notes at a later date to all of the family and friends that helped you through this time.
  • Housing and Transportation – Is there a need to coordinate hotels and travel? Does the funeral home have any discounts for travel and lodging? Do people need to be picked up from the airport?

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about these or other topics.

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