Carson’s Village Mentioned on the Ellen Show

See the video here.

Sarah Silverman & José Andrés Help Siblings Get ‘Orbisculate’ in the Dictionary

Ellen welcomed siblings Hillary and Jonathan Krieger, who told the incredible story behind their Project Orbisculate – a campaign to get “orbisculate” in the dictionary to memorialize their late father, who made up the word. Ellen recruited some celebrities to show their use of the word, including Tiffany Haddish, Jake Tapper, Sarah Silverman, and Chef José Andrés. Plus, Ellen’s friends at Shutterfly gave Hillary and Jonathan a gift to help their favorite charity!
Carson’s Village is mentioned at about 3:50.
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  1. Elaine Supple

    Hi I saw the Ellen show I live in a place called Bromley outside of London. And they were speaking about Carson’s Village and I went on your website to see what you do. I am very sorry on the lost of your dear son x and what you have done is so amazing. I lost my dad in 2019 he had MS and we did have family and friends (our village) to help us to organise the funeral but with out them I don’t know what we would have done. Even tough we knew that he was ill and had some idea that death would be soon it is still a shock so we were all walking around in a daze but we still had to organise his funeral and I had to fly back to Dublin in Ireland where I am originally from with my husband and two daughters and even arranging that in grief is quite hard. I just wanted to say I salute you for starting this organisation up god bless you and your family and friends take care Elaine

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