Since its creation, Carson’s Village has served 47 families.  With your help, Carson’s Village can continue to grow and support even more families across the country.

Becoming a volunteer, or Villager, does not have to be a huge time commitment. There are many different ways you can get involved with Carson’s Village.

Current volunteer opportunities include:

  • Event Volunteers: Agrees to sit at a table at a designated conference once annually on behalf of Carson’s Village.  When an event is identified, a request for support will be sent to those who asked to volunteer.
  • Fundraisers: Agrees to host, coordinate and organize a pre-approved fundraiser on behalf of Carson’s Village.  This could be a 5K run, a Facebook event, a bake sale, etc. To see an example of a fundraiser done by one of our awesome Villagers, check out this interview.
  • Social Media: Agrees to repost Carson’s Village posts as appropriate and invite friends to follow Carson’s Village social media.

For more information or to sign-up to become a Villager, click here.




Save the date!

September 20 is North Texas Giving Day, a day that you can join thousands of other North Texans in investing in your community.

Carson’s Village is participating for the first time this year and we look forward to your support!
Look for more details about how to give, raise money and volunteer in the next few weeks!