February 2019 Newsletter

Here’s what one of our families is saying about Carson’s Village:
“You guys were wonderful – calling the funeral home and doing the footwork for the pricing. You gave us a sense of stability.” – Wanda H.

In February, we served our 100th family, and we have now helped 110 families!

Word is continuing to spread about Carson’s Village, and we are receiving many referrals from various people and organizations. 2-1-1 has referred the most families to us, with 25 referrals, followed by 13 referrals from friends and family of the families in need. To see where our other referrals are coming from, visit this page.
Gabrielle has been enjoying our new office space in the Wilson District, thanks to The Meadows Foundation. We are thankful for this opportunity to use this space as we continue to grow.

Camp Gladiator 5K

On March 13th, Camp Gladiator is hosting a 5K benefiting Carson’s Village. The 5K will finish at Twisted Root in Coppell. For more information, check out the event on Facebook.

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