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Coppell Independent School District Newsletter: Carson’s Corner Lego Wall

Carson Dyke Remembered Via Carson’s Corner Lego Wall at West

Carson's Corner

To say Legos were ​a huge part of Carson Dyke’s life is an understatement.  The lively and engaging CMS West 6th grader, who took his own life in April 2017, loved playing with Legos and using his vivid imagination, creativity and inquisitive mind to construct any number of Lego creations.  The memory of his love of Legos will live on via the Carson’s Corner Lego Wall in the library of CMS West, which was unveiled and dedicated in his memory March 22.

After Carson’s death, the CMS West PTO was among the Coppell and CISD “village” that rallied around the Dyke family — his parents April and Jason Dyke, and his older brothers Alex and Ryan. When Carson passed away, about $4,000 dollars was donated to the CMS West PTO in his honor.  The Dyke family decided to use the funds to create Carson’s Corner at CMS West and to purchase two benches in his memory for the Coppell High School Ninth Grade Campus (CHS9), where Carson spent his 6th grade year.

The family also has founded the non-profit organization Carson’s Village, which is dedicated to supporting other families through the grieving process.  More information can be found at

*This article is from the March 29, 2019 Coppell ISD Newsletter.

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