Common Triggers

Everyday occurrences can trigger an unexpected emotional reaction. We are not recommending or assuming any particular actions must be completed.

This is only to help to identify what could trigger a response and is not an exhaustive list.

Around the house or work

  • Laundry — Are there items of the deceased in the hamper, washing machine, or dryer?
  • Food Items — Are there specific food items/medicine bottles in the pantry or refrigerator that belonged to the deceased?
  • Personal Items —Is there sporting gear in the laundry room, etc. that needs to be removed?
  • Household Pictures — Would the family like pictures of the deceased taken down and placed out of sight temporarily? If so, gather them for possible use at the funeral home.
  • Bedroom or Office — Does the door to a specific room need to be closed to be kept out of sight temporarily?
  • Workplace Triggers — Are there picture frames or memorabilia in the office that may need to be removed?
  • Familiar Scents — Colognes, tobacco, lotions may trigger emotions
  • Mail — Does the mail need to be checked for correspondence or doctor appointment reminders?
  • Knickknacks — Are there any around the house from vacations that may need to be put away temporarily?


  • Be aware of any upcoming anniversaries, birthdays, or holidays.
  • Favorite movies or songs on the television or radio may trigger emotions.


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