Finding Affordable Casket Options Online

Caskets can be a large, and sometimes unforeseen, expense when planning a funeral. While many factors influence the price of a casket, there are a large number of nationwide providers that supply low-cost options online.

When ordering online it is important to remember shipping fees, taxes, and delays will add to the overall cost. Funeral homes are bound by the Federal Trade Commission rules to allow you to use any casket you desire, so shopping around for the best price is always an available option.

Oftentimes, it is best not to mention to the funeral home that you are considering buying your own casket unless you are sure you have found the best price. What you say to the funeral homes can vary the prices they quote you.

Here is a list of low cost caskets:

  1. Costco – $1000-$2000
  2. Walmart – Starting at $900
  3. Express Caskets Sale – Starting at $950
  4. Blessed Caskets – Starting at $850
  5. Amazon – Starting at $900
  6. Overnight Caskets, Economy – starting at $1200
  7. Trusted Caskets, Discount – Starting at $800
  8. Sky Caskets – Starting at $995
  9. FuneralDirect – Under $1000, free shipping
  10. Titan Casket – from $999
  11. Casket Site – from $695

These options may also change from state to state and city to city. For example, Casket Store Dallas serves the Dallas, Texas area.


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