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Anna Darbonne

Bamboo Center for Grief, Growth, & Well-being

There's something, or someone, missing... You feel stuck as you struggle to navigate life's challenges, move beyond current circumstances, or cope with unbearable grief. Things seem dark. You're wounded, frustrated, and worried that it won't get better. You need someone to hope with, and maybe even for, you. Let me help you grieve, cultivate your best possible mental health, and enjoy increased well-being despite the fears and insecurities that hold you back. Through our sessions, you will be able to better understand, trust, and express yourself. This increased competence catalyzes your personal development and optimizes your life. With over ten years of specialized training, I tailor each session to your needs and personal style. I'll listen, help you gain clarity on what you want/need/feel, share suggestions/tools/skills, challenge you to make desired changes, remind you of your value (imperfections and all), and confidentially companion you on your therapeutic journey. I promise to be 100% present, fiercely compassionate, non-judgmental, appropriately lighthearted, and dedicated to helping you move through your challenges. I am well versed in the special circumstances and considerations needed when working with the bereaved, celebrity/public figures, LEOs/first responders, diversity factors, and members of various faiths.

(713) 322-6266

8430 W Lake Mead Blvd, Ste 111 Las Vegas, Nevada 89128

Amy Ruesche

Reconciling Loss, LLC

In my sessions, I find it beneficial to use a mix of education about grief and it's impact on the brain and body, develop skills for navigating this challenging time, some humor, a lot of compassion, and creativity in expressing mourning. Grief is a uniquely individual experience so your needs are always centered and guidance is given as needed. I always allow space for humor, cursing, anger and the many different emotions that come with grief - no feeling or experience is "not allowed." My clients have experienced a safe space to share the "unspeakable" parts of grief, exploring any lack of connection and support, feelings of guilt/shame, anxiety and depression resulting from the death, and learn coping skills for managing the day-to-day. While there is no "cure" for grief, what we do know is being able to feel it, speak about it, and sit with it for as long as we need is the most supportive experience through the dark times. I know from my own grief journey how difficult it can be to find relationships and spaces where you can feel your grief in its fullest, deepest pain without judgement or feel burdensome. I'm passionate about creating that space and I'm honored to walk this journey together.

(303) 957-7422

4297 Austin Bluffs Parkway Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918

We’re always looking for experienced providers for this state. To submit your practice, visit:

Statewide Grief Resources


Heartlight Center Heartlight Center




Denver Hospice Center Grief Support



Mesa, Delta, Montrose, Ouray, and Rio Blanco Counties

HopeWest Home - HopeWest

(866) 310-8900

Carson’s Village has collected this list of counselors to make it easier for you to find a grief and bereavement specialist.  However, the information about the counselor’s skill and practice areas has been provided by the counselor themselves (or their practice group), therefore, we cannot guarantee the counselors on this list are right for you or your specific needs.  We recommend that you schedule a consultation with two to three different counselors.  Most will meet with you for a brief consultation free of charge.  It is important that you feel comfortable with your counselor, so make sure that you find someone who is polite, accommodating, listens and understands your needs, and is conveniently located (or easy to meet/contact).  Use consultations to ask about fees and insurance, if the counselor truly specializes in grief and bereavement (or whatever your needs are), and to assess your fit with them in general.  As a rule of thumb, follow your gut and don’t select a counselor until you find someone with whom you feel comfortable and supported.  Please note: This resource list is provided for information purposes only and is not an endorsement of the organizations or individuals listed or the services provided.

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